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Welcome to Kings Thrones Limited

If there is any one significant objective we have learnt over our years of experience that is most consistent in every human nature, it is attaining financial freedom.

As a passion for us to deliver true financial freedom to as many individuals and corporations as possible, through the only assured route of professional financial and investment advisory practice, we have from a rigorous process of establishment come to learn so much more about delivering values just apt to the customers’ needs and this has become the hallmark of our practice at KingsThrones. We offer you more than just investment management simply because at its best, your investment remains only a part of your total well-being, a means to an end and never an end in itself. We achieve this as a purely independent and professional investment and financial advisory services firm, registered and supervised by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a Corporate Investment Adviser in the Nigerian Capital Market, operating on the strong values of Trust, Integrity, Transparency and Professionalism.

With services and delivery processes totally devoid of conflict of interests, we pride ourselves in the level of attention we are able to give every client, thereby distinguishing us from many other financial services providers. Our engagement procedures begin with getting to know you properly being the most crucial prelude to creating a true and enduring relationship so that the best and most appropriate advice is offered at every point in your journey to attaining true and lasting financial security. Regardless of whichever of our service(s) is requested, we start by gaining ample information about your current situation from our client and risk profiling (KYC) processes which lead us to advising on the most suitable investment and financial strategies for you to implement and you also have the freedom of choice to appoint your investment manager thereafter.

Despite the existence of quite an array of options open to you out there in making financial, investment and other important life decisions, we owe it a duty still, to let you know that the best way to go is always the way of wisdom, and that is making time out to talk to the experts. As easy as talking to us and …

…finding your true financial freedom.

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