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About Us

We are all about investor trust and confidence.

At the heart of each and every of our decisions and actions is the primary objective of the client – to succeed at every turn in their journey to finding lasting financial comfort.

Our Mission
Finding financial comfort can be such a tricky and daunting task, yet it remains at the core of almost everyone’s overall life-long objective. We have made it a responsibility to provide the most important ingredient in the elements that help people and organizations attain financial breakthroughs – we provide financial intelligence – and this is our calling, being fulfilled daily through professional and best of standards investment advisory, consulting, and education services.

At KingsThrones, our financial intelligence services remain the lynchpin of investors’ financial success.

Our Vision
We will be known as the unrivalled source of financial intelligence in the entire West African sub-region through the provision of exceptional advisory and consulting services, and the training of industry operatives to enhancing this all-important objective.

Our Values
Trust, Integrity, Transparency and Professionalism.

Our Services
Investment Advisory
Investment Consulting
Investment Education