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 Advisory Services

Financial Planning
Unique to every client, yet dynamic in nature, financial planning to us is more of an art which we have mastered over the years. At KingsThrones, we possess the full understanding that financial goals relate very closely to the client’s life cycle and we take up mandates that genuinely help in the planning for often complex combinations of clients’ objectives including children and grandchildren education, private health plans and insurance, retirement and personal business, estate and generational transfers, tax monitoring and controls, and a host of others. Our professional involvement provides the-much needed expertise in ensuring for our clients, the preservation of investment capital, reduction of investment risk through diversification, organized and very easy-to-understand reporting, improvement of cash flow and long-term growth amongst others.

Our process begins with getting to know the client through a very detailed and comprehensive personal and investment risk profiling and we take this as the most important aspect of the relationship. This process offers us that very unique and perhaps once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fully understand our clients and all the things that impact their financial future: resources – owned and owed, behaviours, habits, risks and other idiosyncrasies. We combine these with our superior knowledge of the markets and general investing environment to anticipate problems and plan proactively to avoid pitfalls. Realizing also that maximizing every penny is not every client’s ambition, we have made financial planning extensively comprehensive, covering other soft aspects of the client’s personal situations other than finance. We find that such soft issues when honestly and ethically discussed and dissected with the client before investment decisions, do go a long way in helping to construct the most appropriate investment portfolios that support their short to medium and long term objectives which will often include managing spending and controlling expenses, planning for emergencies and avoiding mistakes such as haphazard investments/harmful loans, creative ways to leaving a legacy like establishing a trust or foundation, and a host of others.

Our financial planning services are strictly fee-based.

Asset Allocation
Committed to the principle of efficient diversification, and that the strategic allocation of the investor’s capital across asset classes principally dominates the ultimate performance, we pay very serious attention to this phenomenon in investment management. Investors’ monies must be managed professionally, and our team at KingsThrones will normally follow up clients’ profiling outcomes with this all-important procedure. The focus here is to manage clients’ portfolios by using asset diversification techniques designed to reduce investment risks and enhance returns. As part of this process, we diligently review asset managers throughout the nation by our manager selection processes, and then present recommendations to our clients. Ideally, assets are allocated among specialist debt and equity managers whose proven records are consistent with our clients’ goals of growth and preservation of capital.

Investment & Portfolio Management
Strictly based on client’s ultimate preference, we would engage selected investment managers on the principle of appropriate investment philosophies and fee-based asset management programmes to remove the conflict of interest that usually accompanies commission-based plans. These supersede the risk-return expectations in the decision process. For individual, families and institutional accounts preferences, appropriate procedures are discussed extensively with the client in order to bring the full bearing of the choice of each to her – the client. We equally take the extra time and care required in each circumstance to explain the full implications of each manager-client relationship, in particular with regards to fees, our involvement as advisers, and the critical function of account performance reporting.

Wealth Management/Family Office
This is a very comprehensive fee-only service package for individuals and families, seeking to ensure the overall wellbeing of the client through detailed personal and investment risk profiling, financial and retirement planning, inter-generational transfers through estate planning and other ancillary investment protection services. In the process, specialist services in trust and other asset protection objectives are outsourced to tested and highly reputable institutions and consistently monitored through our oversight responsibilities. Whilst currently providing full multi-family office services, we equally provide professional advice to traditional family offices.